Senior Care

At Hôpital vétérinaire Vieux Village Inc., we’re happy to be able to offer senior care to give all animals the chance to live happily and without until the very end. We focus on early detection of end-of-life health issues and more frequent health follow-ups.

What age is considered old?

Many factors influence how quickly your pet ages, including breed, size, genetics, lifestyle and so on. On average, a dog is considered senior at age 7. For cats, the average age is between 7 and 10 years.

Why is it best to have more frequent health check ups when my pet is getting older?

An animal’s body ages much faster than ours. By visiting your veterinarian more frequently (once or twice a year), any health problems can be detected early.

Osteoarthritis, diabetes, kidney or heart failure, periodontal disease, thyroid problems and cancer are some of the common health problems that affect older pets. By diagnosing these conditions early on, treatment can be started quickly, which supports your pet’s well-being.

Why should I change older pet’s diet?

At this stage of life, there are foods designed to be more easily absorbed, help reduce joint problems and improve cognitive health. It’s an easy way to help your pet cope better with old age.

What types of injections do you use to relieve pain?

We sometimes inject anti-inflammatory drugs, subcutaneous fluids and Cartrophen. Cartrophen is used to treat osteoarthritis in dogs by slowing down joint degeneration.