Ultrasounds and X-rays

At Hôpital vétérinaire Vieux Village Inc., we use digital radiology to accurately diagnose what could be affecting your pet’s health or to follow up on a particular condition. For more complex cases, we may work with external specialists to get a second opinion.
However, we don’t offer ultrasounds services at our veterinary hospital.

What is digital radiology used for?

Using X-rays, digital radiology provides fast, clear and accurate digital images of the organs and bones of your pet’s musculoskeletal system. The veterinarian can check for fractures, foreign objects, inflammation, pneumonia and more. Since you don’t have to wait for images to be printed, unlike with regular X-rays, your pet will spend less time on the exam table. This can make all the difference if your pet is in critical condition. Digital radiographs can also be easily sent to other animal health professionals.

How much do radiographic exams cost?

It all depends on the number of X-rays to be taken (one or more shots) and whether or not sedation is required. Because X-rays are done quickly, your pet doesn’t usually need to be sedated. We do use sedation for pets who are aggressive or finding it hard to stay still.

We always get you to approve the estimated costs before we begin.